Perkeo Edge Gluing Machine

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    New Sumbel Perkeo 60mm Edge Gluing Machine

    product code UMNW71
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    Economical, efficient and reliable. The Electric Edge Gluer Mod. PERKEO applies adhesive to paper, card or corrugated stock quickly and easily, and without glue runover. It applies a strip of adhesive to the edge of the item to be glued. The Mod. PERKEO glues any stock up to 1″ (25 mm) thickness. The adjustable glue film control allows application of the precise amount of glue required. Adjusting the glue film thickness is as simple as turning.

    Optional features : Electronic motor-speed control
    Glue Roller and Scraper in stainless-steel
    Working sizes up to 400 mm special constructions

    Motordrive : 230 V