Numbering Perforating & Creasing

    Morgana FSN Rotary Numberer

    product code UMMS202
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    Morgana FSN rotary suction feed numbering and perforating machine manufactured 2005. Supplied with 2 x Straight Numbering Units, 2 x Black Ink Rolls, 2 x Perforating Units, 1 x Scoring Unit, Standard Tools and Manuals.

    Rollem 'SS' 18in Semi Slitter

    product code UMMS213
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    A British manufactured 18in bench model Rollem rotary semi slitting machine normally used on self adhesive label stock.

    Rollem 18in Champion 990 Perforator

    product code UMMS212

    Bench model Rollem 18in Champion 990 rotary perforator-scorer-slitter with standard friction feeder. Rollem offer one of the most flexible rotary perforating, scoring and slitting solutions available. Standard 240v single phase 13 amp electric’s.

    Rollem 24in Rollaway Perforator With Moll Suction Feeder

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    Rollem 24in single head ‘Rollaway’ perforator, scorer, slitter linked to Moll ‘Dial-A-Feed’ deep pile suction feed unit with S.E.D. electronic batch and total counter. The versatile Rollem can be used for a variety of print finishing processes from scoring, slitting and perforating with a great choice of tooling available for different applications. Sheets are registered on a side lay and delivered into a tray delivery unit. An optional delivery conveyor unit can be supplied if required. Specifications are available on the PDF link below. The video shows a similar smaller Rollem Rollaway unit linked to a Morgana suction feed folder which is very similar in operation.