Miscellaneous Bindery

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    AMS Mailbag Polywrapper

    product code UMMS235
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    The AMS Mailbag system will automatically wrap polythene film around a magazine, brochure or catalogue and seal it – all in one quick operation! It is a cost effective, fast and efficient way to enclose and mail direct marketing material, without the use of an envelope. Up to 1300 mail packs can be processed per hour and the Mailbag will automatically adjust the cut to the length of the mailing piece without the need to manually adjust the settings. The Mailbag, which is easy and safe to operate, uses low cost roll-fed poly and can wrap items up to 250mm wide including A4 and A5 packs.

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    Hang Piccostar 101-50 Eyeletter

    product code UMMS225
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    Hang PiccoStar – Fast precise and effortless

    PiccoStar 101-50: Single head eyeletting machine.

    – Electrical drive.
    – Automatic eyelet infeed.
    – Set up for eyelet size 24.
    – Punches holes and inserts eyelets In a single working step
    (the eyelet punches the hole).
    – With self-punching eyelets: up to 30 sheets with 80 gsm paper.
    – With pre-punched material: up to 50 sheets, or material thickness up to 4 mm.
    – Supporting plate and adjustable rear and side gauges guarantee
    exact positioning.
    – Operation by button or by electric foot switch.

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    Longford CF-100 Greetings Card Folder

    product code UMMS09
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    Factory rebuilt Longford CF-100 scoring and plough folding machine used for greetings card production. Safety interlocked guards fitted throughout. Additional electronic counter and feeder air separation blower unit installed. Can be used for scoring only, folding only or combination scoring and folding. Complete with extended delivery unit. The pictures and video show a previous machine we supplied whilst this machine is being rebuilt. Specifications are very similar.

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    Rollem 'SS' 18in Semi Slitter

    product code UMMS213
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    A British manufactured 18in bench model Rollem rotary semi slitting machine normally used on self adhesive label stock.

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    Rollem 24in Rollaway Perforator With Moll Suction Feeder

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    Rollem 24in single head ‘Rollaway’ perforator, scorer, slitter linked to Moll ‘Dial-A-Feed’ deep pile suction feed unit with Moll electronic batch and total counter. The versatile Rollem can be used for a variety of print finishing processes from scoring, slitting and perforating with a great choice of tooling available for different applications. Sheets are registered on a side lay and delivered into a tray delivery unit. An optional delivery conveyor unit or sheet jooger can be supplied if required. Specifications are available on the PDF link below.

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    Sunraise S12 Tabletop Thermographer

    product code UMMS12

    The Sunraise S Series of tabletop thermographers are the most economical thermographers produced by Sunraise. The S-12 is perfect for companies doing short-run thermography jobs. The S Series models feature simple setup and operation, automated powder application and removal and efficent cal rod heating elements. Sunraise utilizes a spring conveyor system on it’s S Series models which cools faster and runs more efficently than a mesh conveyor. Self aligning sealed bearings and a solid state speed control ensure smooth and worry-free operation. The S-12 is the premium tabletop model and can run up to 2000 impressions per hour. The S-12 also features large in-feed guides and a paper knock down guide which is handy for running jobs that are larger than 8.5×11. Bring print to life with an S Series model thermographer!

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    Vacuumatic Vicount 100 Sheet Counter & Tabber

    product code UMMS230
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    Vacuumatic Vicount 100 bench model sheet counter with tabbing function. Recently fully serviced by Vacuumatic engineer. Compact model for efficient counting and batching (tabbing) of stacks of paper. Standard electric’s for 13amp single phase plug.

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    Vacuumatic Vicount 2 Sheet Counter & Tabber

    product code UMMS231
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    Vacuumatic Vicount 2 paper sheet counting and programmable batch tabbing machine. Recently fully serviced by Vacuumatic engineer. Fast, accurate counting and batch tabbing that saves you time and money. Standard electric’s for 13amp single phase plug. Use link below for PDF specification details. Supplied with operating manual, basic factory spares kit and counting blade for 70 – 110gsm papers.