Cleaning Cloth Asssorted Flanalette Rags 10kg

    product code C301

    Cleaning Wipes Cotton Wool Hospital Quality 500g Roll

    product code C308
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    Cleaning Wipes Tork 530 Handibox 530271 200 sheet

    product code C320

    Cleaning Wipes Webril Handipads Pure Cotton Pack 100 Pads

    product code C305

    Cleaning Wipes Webril Wipes Pure Cotton Roll 100 Wipes

    product code C304
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    Linen Tester Magnifier 25mm Sq Mag X6

    product code LIN

    Roller Care Varn Calcium Deglazer 1lt

    product code B114

    Roller Deglazer Varn Take-It-Off Conditioner Gel 1lt

    product code B115-1

    Sponge Litho

    product code S303

    Varn Kompak Seals Left & Right P:n 92370

    product code ZVA92370

    Wash-up Bottle Varn 1lt

    product code W109

    Wash-Up Bottle Varn Set 4 Bottles (4 Colour Caps)

    product code W110